Thursday, 31 January 2008


I am really getting serious on the business side of my jewellery-making hobby. After setting up my online shop at Etsy! I am considering other options such as exposing in markets around Ireland. The only downside is that they charge you quite a bit and then you have to endure the rainy Irish weather. Only thinking about that, i get shivers all down my spine. So I will have to sleep on it and consider more options.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Making Jewellery

I have started making jewellery relatively recently. Since last October if I am not mistaken. If I have to be honest it's an addiction at the moment. I get such a good feeling out of it!! That's my main reason for doing it but also quite surprisingly I have been selling pieces to people I know. So it is also quite exciting when for the first time you show your creations to somebody other that the people at home and you get a positive response.
Anyway I started because I did a course in wirework. Using this technique you can create fabulous jewellery. You can use any kind of beads you want and combine different shades to create gorgeous effects. Depending on the colour of the beads and the wire you can create understated pieces or else really exuberant showy ones. In my opinion they are great to dress up with and give an edge to any outfit. I also think they look great on ladies of all ages. I have sold some to people ranging from 12 to60's.

Just click on the brooch to see a catalogue of examples.

I will be writing about other creations of mine in another blog.

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