Sunday, 4 July 2010

It's official...I am Dr. Anna

I am just back from Dublin, where I had been doing my Ph.D. up until last November. This time I went there to graduate!! I am now officially Dr. Anna Trias or Anna Trias Ph.D., whichever you prefer. I am over the moon! I had an amazing day from start to finish. My lovely fiancee and myself flew to Dublin and my parents also flew in from Spain for the occasion. We woke up and headed to Trinity College to visit the department where I have worked for the past 4 years. My ex-supervisor was very kind and gave my family a little tour around the place. Later on we all got dressed up for the occasion, me with the required colour scheme of black and white. We arrived at the Examination Hall, where the ceremony was to take place, and put on my gown: Yellow and Red are the colours for the Ph.D. candidates. Women were also required to wear the square cap.

This is me with the attire on

It was a sunny and windy day and the wretched gown was making me H-O-T. At 2:40 the campanile bell started to sound indicating the entrance of the spectators and Master candidates. All of us Ph.D. candidates (around 100 of us) were directed to a tiny room, where we were put in alphabetical order. This took ages and we were all hot and ready to go. At about 3:30 we started to come out and into the examination hall while people outside were cheering, and inside the hall the organ was playing a beautiful melody. Everyone was looking at us and it was one of the best feelings i've had.

Me in the background second to the left entering the Hall

My ex-supervisor also came. The ceremony was completely in latin and I only understood the odd word. But it was very emotional and I felt very proud when it was my time to go up and collect my title from the hands of Ireland's ex-president Mary Robinson.

Me receiving my diploma

After the graduation ceremony was over, we left in procession and I saw my proud parents in the audience and my fiancee perching over the railing of the mezzanine!! We all went to a reception with drinks and nibbles and I got to have a picture taken with Mary Robinson!

Me and Mary Robinson.

After that we headed for Cafe en Seine, the poshest place in town. We had some drinks with friends from the Department. Thank you for coming guys.

Ton, Shawn and me in Cafe en Seine

Later on my parents and fiancee went for an absolutely spectacular meal to my favourite restaurant: Yamamori. The best Japanese place ever. The food was particularly good that night!!!

So that was my graduation day, perfect from top to bottom. A day to remember with the people I love the most.

Kev and me (pardon my closed eyes)

Mum and Dad and me

Mum and me

I am lucky!


ira said...

Wow! Congratulations Anna, no wonder you kind of dissapeared:) And have a great time in London too:)

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