Thursday, 1 July 2010

People I like

Lately I haven't been able to craft all that much due to lack of time, being away in Nepal for work, etc... However, I have been keenly following and discovering some crafty people's blogs and shops.

I have to say that I am fascinated about the blog kept by Novita, called verypurpleperson. I think she is very talented, her creations are right up my street and I love her choice of fabrics and colour combos. I am mesmerized by the floral fabric pieces she has created recently, they are top class!! I am also a fan of all things Japanese, and I like reading about Japanese experiences through the eyes of a foreign person residing in Japan. She also has a very cute family!!

I have also recently discovered an etsy shop called Gardens of Whimsy. The creations in this shop are dreamy hair accessories. They are really special pieces with a very natural and organic feel. They also have a fairy-tale quality and this is helped by the excellent styling and photography in this shop. What a great idea it is to use flowers, vines and beautiful butterflies as hair adornments!! I love it!

Check them out!


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